Staikos Associates Architects

PROJECT // Residence, Sussex Co.
Sussex County, Delaware

Located on a wooded lot away from views of the ocean and bay, the house was designed to create views and vistas within itself. Outdoor spaces linked to multiple rooms provide a variety of additional living areas beyond the walls of the house. These outdoor "rooms" ranging from open to covered to screened, accommodate large and small groups in all types of weather.

At the center of the house is a large kitchen which functions as the primary gathering space for the family. Visible from all entrances, this central core invites one to the heart of the home. Towards the street front are the more formal spaces of entry gallery, great room and dining room, and three bedrooms above. Atop the kitchen/breakfast area are the grandchildren's bedrooms and a play area open to the breakfast area. At the rear of the house is the owners' wing, with an office/gallery above the garage linked to the master suite with rear stairs.

Of primary importance in the design of the house was the desire for openness and connection between the different gathering spaces while still providing a sense of privacy and retreat. The desired image was one which promotes a sense of serenity, relaxation, and timelessness of materials. The outdoor "rooms" promote this sense of relaxation for several groups at one time.

Also of great importance was the balance of light and openness between spaces with sufficient wall space for large and small artworks. Materials for the house were chosen for easy day-to-day maintenance. The colors used also reflected the warm and soothing colors found at the shore with muted accent colors throughout the house. Where more intense colors are used, these also reflect the blues and greens found in the salt marshes and the softness of the late afternoon sun.