Staikos Associates Architects

PROJECT // Residence, Northeast, MD.
North East Maryland

Located directly on the North East River, The renovations include the kitchen, family room, entry, and master bedroom and are combined with the addition of a bedroom and bathroom on the north side of the house. The design should take advantage of the panorama of the river.

The driving forces in the design of the project were the enlargement of the kitchen, the creation of a great room with multiple zones, the addition of a master suite, and the creation of an entrance. The creation of a glass entry tower draws the visitor and suggests the openness to be found inside the house. Instead of facing the door to the street, the glass walls topped with a translucent pyramid skylight form the first of four pavilions which define the corners of the shoreline. The other pavilions house the master bedroom, the screened porch and the guest room. At night each of these translucent skylights are illuminated from within with soft concealed lights.

Opposite the entry is the original living room facing the river. After passing through a narrow, sunlit corridor with glimpses through the kitchen to the river beyond, one enters the great room and reading room. This forms the center of activity for the home. Each room is open to the kitchen and share a panoramic view both up and down the river. The sense of being on a boat on the river is prevalent throughout the major rooms in the house.

Of primary importance was the creation of a large kitchen which was an integral part of the activities in this home with three teenagers and assorted friends. The architect designed cabinetry in the great room to house the entertainment center and office/computer functions while the placement of the windows and sliding doors of the great room block the view of the television when in the reading room.

The master suite is connected to the outdoor living spaces by a bridge to the main deck and screened porch.